YoonA Proudly Talks About Her 10 Years With Girls’ Generation And Compliments Fellow Idol Actors

Girls’ Generation member YoonA recently sat down for an interview to commemorate the successful conclusion of her drama “The King Loves.”

During the interview, YoonA proudly talked about her group, saying, “Girls’ Generation played a huge role in building me up to where I am today. We recently celebrated our 10th debut anniversary.”

She continued, “It’s not easy to stick together for 10 years. I think we’re pretty cool for reaching 10 years as a girl group.”

YoonA also talked about her acting career, saying, “I think people started viewing me differently [as an actress] ever since ‘Confidential Assignment’ and ‘The K2.’ It’s my 10th year as an actress, but it feels like I started last year. I’m curious about a lot of things when it comes to acting, and I think my attitude changed as well.”

“There are a lot of talented idol actors these days. They [motivate] me to work harder,” YoonA added.

Meanwhile, you can watch “The King Loves” at Rakuten Viki!Watch

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