Male Celebrities Known For Their Thrifty Habits

Recently entertainer Kim Saeng Min garnered attention for his incredibly thrifty habits. Despite being a veteran in the industry with 26 years of broadcasting under his belt, his frugal ways have attracted audiences due to their relatability.

On September 20, Insight compiled a list of male celebrities also known for thrifty habits over the years.

Kim Jong Kook

The singer and variety star recently appeared on SBS’s ‘My Ugly Duckling” and shared a saving tip he learned from watching his father at a young age. He said that he only uses the air conditioner at his house once or twice a year and divides toilet paper to get more use out of each square. He also uses his toothbrush until the bristles start falling out.

SHINee’s Key

Key is known for being a fashionista in the entertainment industry, but he’s not a big spender! He has previously shared that he thinks dyeing his hair at the salon is too expensive and started doing it himself. Now his hair-dyeing skills are said to rival that of a professional hair stylist. Picking up a new skill and saving money – two birds with one stone!

Lee Je Hoon

The popular actor has appeared in numerous productions over the years, but fans have pointed out an interesting common element among them all. In every behind-the-scenes photo of every film, Lee Je Hoon is wearing the same jacket. No matter the place or time, he’s always wearing the same padded jacket. He once revealed that he doesn’t buy clothes impulsively and instead chooses pieces as if he is going to wear them for the rest of his life.

Lee Joon

Lee Joon is a man of thrifty habits, but he knows how to spend where it counts! He doesn’t like to be wasteful and saves money a little at a time, once sharing that he used to eat whatever his agency supplied and wear the clothes his fans gave him. After saving money this way, he donated it all to comfort women and to the families of the Sewol ferry victims.

Shim Hyung Tak

This actor is known for loving Doraemon goodies and will buy anything he wants without hesitation. Apart from that eclectic hobby, however, he’s quite thrifty. He’d previously appeared on a variety program and said that his last shopping spree was three years before. He added, “Instead of buying wet wipes at a fixed price at convenience stores, if you go to makeup stores, they’ll sell several in one package at the front.”

Park Bo Gum

If you meet a celebrity on the subway, you might assume that they’re not very well-known or haven’t debuted yet. However, Park Bo Gum is a well-known actor who, at least until recently, often used the subway despite his growing popularity. Once he was even spotted on the subway with his friend BTS’s V. Having a car in the city can be expensive, and Park Bo Gum’s choice to use the subway was both modest and money-saving.

Do you know any stars known for their frugal habits?

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