Golden Child’s Daeyeol Reveals If He Thinks He’s More Handsome Than Brother Sungyeol

Golden Child made a guest appearance on the September 20 broadcast of SBS LoveFM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School, where member Daeyeol expressed confidence in his looks.

During the show, a listener sent in a question asking who Daeyeol thought was more attractive, his brother, INFINITE’s Sungyeol, or Daeyeol himself.

Host Kim Chang Ryul jokingly chimed in, “I’m close to Sungyeol, but in my eyes, Sungyeol seems more handsome. I also have a younger brother, and there’s no younger brother that is as [good-looking] as the older.”

Daeyeol amusingly commented, “Normally, older brothers tend to think that way, but from the perspective of a younger brother, I think we younger brothers are better-looking. I am more handsome [than my brother].”

Meanwhile, Golden Child is currently promoting their debut title track, “DamDaDi.”

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