EXO’s Kai Earns Praise From “Andante” Filming Staff For His Hardworking Efforts

Not only is EXO’s Kai a talented K-pop idol, but he is also a hardworking actor on the set of KBS’s “Andante.”

The drama’s filming staff recently unveiled still cuts of Kai diligently rehearsing and meticulously monitoring his scenes. In one photo, Kai is going over his script and discussing various aspects of his character with producing director (PD) Park Kiho before the rehearsal. In another photo, Kai is checking out his scene through the monitor with camera director Kim Jae Hwan.

During the filming for “Andante,” which started in January, rather than trying to wrap up the filming quickly to escape the freezing weather, Kai would thoroughly discuss with the director to perfect his character and check his acting on the screen. One crew member complimented, “I would like to express my gratefulness to Kai and the rest of the cast for working hard, even if it was the middle of winter. Most of all, [I would like to thank] Kai who was a model to the other actors by always thinking about his character and working hard.”

“Andante” is a drama about a boy from the city named Si Kyung (played by Kai) who moves to a bizarre school in the countryside. Si Kyung is a foolhardy boy who loves games more than studying and goes to the PC room more often than school.

Meanwhile, starting from September 24, the drama will air every Sunday morning at 10:10 a.m. KST.

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