Man Who Claimed To Be Moon Chae Won’s Boyfriend Receives Sentence

In April 2017, Moon Chae Won took legal action against a netizen who posted malicious comments about her while claiming to be her boyfriend online.

Fortunately, in June 2017, the man was arrested. Given that the 40-year-old man showed no remorse for his wrongful actions of posting false rumors about the actress and and personally attacking her, he was under detention for the duration of prosecution.

Finally, on September 21, it was revealed that the man received his sentence for the defamation crimes he committed. The court sentenced him to two years of probation, during which if a repeat/new offense is committed, he/she will have to spend 1 year in prison. If the offender is clean for two years, then no time has to be served.

The man’s admission along with the prosecutor’s evidence found the man guilty of all charges. The justice department claimed, “The defendant repeatedly posted false accusations and inflicted severe damages on the victim who is a well-known actress. However, we put his belated self-reflection and the fact that most netizens did not believe the postings were true into consideration.”

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