EXO’s Chen Shares Adorable Photos And Comments About Facial Features + Receives Love On His Birthday

September 21 marks EXO member Chen’s birthday, and within a couple hours after the clock hit midnight, the singer himself greeted fans through EXO’s fan board.

He wrote, “Hello, this is Chen! It’s already my birthday. I think time moves really quickly. Has everyone had a good 2017 so far? I’m back to greet everyone for the first time in a while in honor of my birthday.”

The idol then explained that he was going to analyze his facial features, and try to guess what genes were passed down from his mom, his dad, or both.

“To start, my eyes! In my opinion, my eyes take after my mom’s. Both my mother and father have double eyelids, but I think [my eyes] are really similar to my mom’s, like when I smile.”

“Next is my nose! I think my thick nose comes from my dad. In the past, I happened to see a photo of my dad when he was younger, and I think as I get older, I’m starting to look more like my dad.”

“Finally, my lips! The weather is really dry these days…make sure you apply lip balm our Eris (EXO-Ls).”

“Thank you so much to my mom and dad who raised me to be healthy, I love you. And to our EXO-Ls! Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, and I think I was able to happily work through 2017 because of you all! Let’s spend the rest of 2017 happily together. Also, be careful to not catch a cold since it’s chilly at night. Bye~”

Fellow EXO member Chanyeol also stuck to tradition and shared the conversation he and Chen had on his birthday.

Chanyeol first sent, “Happy birthday Jongdae (Chen’s real name)! I’m going to upload this on Instagram so reply sweetly,” along with a photo of himself making a heart pose.

Chen replied, “hahahahahahahaha. Upload your words above also. Begging for the reply haha.”

After Chanyeol agreed, Chen said, “Thanks, and today, we really felt the big space left behind by the tall you. I miss you, so I’ll see you in Australia in good health.” “I love you,” Chanyeol sent back.

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EXO recently won three awards including Daesang (grand prize) at the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards on the eve of Chen’s birthday. The group will be performing at KCON Australia on September 22.

Happy birthday to Chen!

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