Watch: BTS Takes Fans Backstage At “Ask Us Anything”

“Ask Us Anything” has shared a glimpse of BTS backstage ahead of their upcoming guest episode!

Leader Rap Monster was in charge of interviewing the guys in their dressing room in a newly released special video, as BTS hung out in the show’s school uniforms and got ready for filming.

Rap Monster asked V to choose between pairs of “Ask Us Anything” cast members to determine his favorite, and V chose Min Kyung Hoon all six times. Rap Monster was surprised and asked him why, and V explained that he’s a fan of Min Kyung Hoon’s band Buzz.

Jimin said he was most looking forward to seeing Kang Ho Dong, and added, “I’ve always really liked him. He looks a lot like my dad.”

The guys hilariously had a rough time adapting to using informal language with each other at first, and kept cracking up over it. The cast and guests of “Ask Us Anyting” use informal language with each other because the show is set in a classroom, where everyone treats each other as though they’re the same age.

However, the younger members soon caught on to how fun it was to get to use it at the older members!

Check out the special video below.

BTS’s “Ask Us Anything” episode will air on September 23 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out a preview here!