JBJ Talks About Their True Personalities Compared To How They Appeared On “Produce 101 Season 2”

Members of JBJ have shared some insights into what they’re like in real life in comparison to how they seemed on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

JBJ is composed of contestants from this spring’s Mnet competition show “Produce 101 Season 2” that fans imagined would be great together as a group, and they will soon be making their debut. On September 21, the guys hosted a V Live broadcast ahead of the premiere of their upcoming reality show “Look Kindly On Us, JBJ” (working title).

During the show, Kim Dong Han said, “When I was on ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ I think people thought I had a cold and quiet image. People told me that I went through a lot of confusing times.” He said that in real life, he’s very upbeat and mischievous.

Takada Kenta said, “I’m honest. I’m exactly the same. The person that I seem to be on television is me.”

Noh Tae Hyun commented, “I think I cried a lot on the show. I actually don’t cry that much.” He added, “Actually, I’m saying this because it bothers me. I really don’t cry that much normally. I cried then because I was so choked up with emotion. I’ve only been like that then.”

“Do you just cry on television?” asked Kim Dong Han, and Noh Tae Hyun joked, “My crying was all an act.”

With JBJ’s debut coming up on October 18, the group has most recently shared some mesmerizing illustrated teasers for their first release.

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