Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Explains Why She Decided To Cut Her Hair Short

During a recent interview, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA opened up about her new short hair and what drove her to make such a decision.

“People ask me if I mentally experienced a change, but my hair was so damaged that I couldn’t brush it. I had originally been wanting to cut my hair anyways, so I took this opportunity to cut it all off and grow it back healthily. It’s the first time in [over seven] years since ‘Genie’ that I’ve had short hair,” YoonA explained. “Everyone says it looks pretty.” The idol added that she had also been getting bored of her long hair, and how it was always styled in a similar manner.

YoonA shared that she was not the only one to go through a hair transformation. She said, “There’s a growing short hair trend among the Girls’ Generation members. Sooyoung and Seohyun cut their hair for their productions, and Sunny and I cut our hair as well. Yuri also cut hers slightly. When I was getting my hair cut, Taeyeon was next to me getting her hair done. After I cut my hair, anytime I see long hair, I want to cut it as well.”

Meanwhile, YoonA recently starred in “The King Loves,” which completed its run on September 19.

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