Death Of Kim Kwang Seok’s Daughter To Be Re-Investigated

Following the recent revelations surrounding the death of singer Kim Kwang Seok’s daughter, Kim Seo Yeon, the prosecution has started a re-investigation.

According to a source from the prosecution, following suspicions raised about Kim Seo Yeon’s death by reporter Lee Sang Ho (who also directed the documentary titled “Kim Kwang Seok”), the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office assigned the case to a team of detectives.

Kim Kwang Seok passed away in 1996 while his daughter Kim Seo Yeon passed away in 2007 respectively. At the time of his daughter’s death, an autopsy recorded her death as a natural death with no cause for suspicion.

However, Kim Seo Yeon’s death had been hidden for 10 years until reporter Lee Sang Ho revealed the truth of her death. Upon his findings, Kim Kwang Seok’s family formally submitted a request for re-investigation.

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