Update: EXO’s Lay Shares Touching Love Story About His Grandparents Ahead Of His Solo Comeback

Updated September 24 KST:

As part of the preparations for his upcoming album, EXO’s Lay has shared a sweet and personal message about love through a touching story about his grandparents.

His letter reads, “‘Anyway, our happiness comes from the leading melodies.’ Words are like the face, and music is like a language. There are many ways to express love. And there exist many stories love is expressed through. From the past till the present, from when I knew nothing to now, when I’m writing ballads…

“Even I’m not sure if their story is a special one. But when I was little, I lived with my mother’s parents. Back then, I loved sitting next to my grandmother and leaning on her side as we listened to cassette tapes together. Once we started, we would listen to them all day long. My grandfather would turn the tapes on, and once they were done playing, he would come back and rewind the tapes for us. My grandmother was always busy because she was wise and had a lot of knowledge about life. She took care of everyone in our family.

“They met when they were 25 years old, and like many people in older generations, they didn’t hold a wedding ceremony, and my grandfather proposed to my grandmother without a ring to signify eternal love. It was the most common of beginnings, but after many years of struggles and hardships, they have reached their 50th year together. I have always been envious of them and sad that they never had a wedding ceremony, and I wanted to create a romantic memory for just the two of them. This has also been the first time that I’ve been so far away from them. My grandmother, who always kept a little light on and went to sleep listening to music, isn’t very good at using the cassette player. My grandfather, knowing this and also knowing how much my grandmother loves listening to music, promised to always have a cassette player and tapes with him so that, as long as she is by his side, she will always be able to listen to music.

“Love can sometimes be like a habit, but also refreshing and touching like a scene in a movie, a single book, or a song. But I believe that love, from what I have felt, is being able to do even the smallest of things for your loved one thousands, if not tens of thousands, of times.”

Updated September 24 KST:

EXO’s Lay has released a new teaser image for his upcoming album.

The image contains the word “Need,” along with the numbers “24 / 8 / 3.”

Updated September 23 KST:

Another teaser has been revealed for Lay’s upcoming album!

This image contains more mysterious letters and the numbers “23 / 1 / 23.”

Check it out below:

Original Article:

EXO’s Lay will be releasing his second solo album!

On September 22, SM Entertainment revealed a photo of Lay along with a teaser image for his upcoming album.

The text in the second teaser image reads, “2017 BRAND NEW ALBUM” and “This Autumn: Tell You A Secret.” It also shows the words “Baby,” “Tell Me,” and “Please,” which either hints at a potential tracklist or possibly some keywords in the lyrics of his next title track. The word “WHAT” shown in the lower right hand corner may be the name of his album or title track. The numbers “22 / 8 / 2.75,” however, remain mysterious.Lay made his solo debut last year with his first mini album “Lose Control.”

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