Announcer Oh Sang Jin Snaps Photo Of His Wife Watching BTS’s Comeback Show

Announcer Kim So Young is known to be an ARMY, and her husband Oh Sang Jin has shared a proof shot!

On September 21, Oh Sang Jin posted a photo of Kim So Young watching BTS’s comeback show for their latest mini album “Love Yourself: Her.” He wrote as the caption, “I think she’s literally going to go into the screen. BTS comeback. I’m an ARMY, too…the ROK Army.”

ROK Army stands for the Republic of Korea Army, and Oh Sang Jin is referring to the fact that he completed his mandatory military service.

As a huge fan of BTS, Kim So Young expressed her love for the group several times in the past on her personal Instagram account.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, check out BTS’s comeback show below!

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