Kang Min Kyung Hints At Plans For Studio Album To Commemorate Davichi’s 10th Anniversary

Singer Kang Min Kyung dropped a few spoilers for Davichi’s upcoming plans while connecting with fans via social media.

During a short livestream, Kang Min Kyung said, “I feel apologetic to our fans because Davichi isn’t very active. But we’re planning to release a single soon.” She also added, “We’ll be holding a concert at the end of this year like we always have. Please wait for us.”

When she received questions from fans on whether Davichi plans to release a studio album in the future, Kang Min Kyung replied, “Next year is Davichi’s 10th anniversary. It’s a pretty meaningful moment for us, so we’re currently making plans to release a studio album next year.”

The last studio album that Davichi released was 2013’s “Mystic Ballad,” which included tracks like “Just the Two of Us,” “Turtle,” and “Be Warmed.” Since then, Davichi has been active through mini albums, OSTs, and digital singles, releasing songs like “Missing You Today,” “Again,” “Cry Again,” and “This Moment.”

Are you excited to see Davichi make a comeback?

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