Watch: Lee Min Ki And Jung So Min Struggle With Financial Burdens Before Fateful First Meeting

The upcoming tvN drama “Because This is My First Life” has released some new teasers featuring Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min!

Jung So Min plays Yoon Ji Ho, a poor woman who can’t afford a home, while Lee Min Ki plays Nam Sae Hee, a homeowner but “house-poor.” They decide to live together to solve their financial problems.

In the teasers, Jung So Min goes “looking” for houses, but is told that all of them are beyond what she can afford. Sadly, she picks up her suitcase and wanders around the city. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ki is trying to relax in his house, but is stalked by bank employees who constantly remind him what he owes. At the end, he gets the epiphany to rent out his house and pastes flyers all over the city, one of which ends up in Jung So Min’s hand.

“Because This is My First Life” will be the follow-up production to “Argon” and will begin airing its first episode on October 9 at 10:50 p.m. KST.