Wanna One’s Kim Jae Hwan Provides Tissues And Laughter On “Immortal Songs”

Wanna One’s Kim Jae Hwan was all manners in the most recent episode of “Immortal Songs.”

In the episode, the contestants discussed Min Woo Hyuk’s performance and the song that he performed, which was about a mother’s love for her children. The topic brought up tears in many of the contestants. Kim Jae Hwan naturally bent down and reached for tissues to hand out to the other singers.

The hosts pointed out how Kim Jae Hwan continuously provided tissues to those around him, to which Jang Jae Young asked Kim Jae Hwan jokingly, “Did you not tear up either?” Kim Jae Hwan responded, “The tears came up.” Then Moon Hee Jun cut in and asked, “I know this isn’t the most appropriate atmosphere, but could you do your G-Dragon impression?” to which the contestants broke out into laughter. Kim Jae Hwan was flustered at the sudden request at first but then complied willingly, and made everyone laugh with his on-point impression.

Watch the full clip below!