Cast Of “Girls’ Generation 1979” Fool Around On Set In Behind-The-Scenes Stills

The KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Girls’ Generation 1979” (formerly known as “Lingerie Girls’ Generation” recently dropped some behind-the-scenes stills from set.

“Girls’ Generation 1979” tells the story of young high school girls in 1979 Daegu. In one behind-the-scenes cut, Cosmic Girls’s Bona, Bang Soo Jin, Baek Eun Kyung, and Seo Ye Seul fool around with props and costumes as they jam out. In another still, Bona, Yeo Hoe Hyun, and Jo Byung Kyu pose like they’re shooting an album jacket.

In yet another photo, Chae Seo Jin and Lee Jong Hyun, whose characters have feelings for each other, smile brightly in the middle of shooting a scene. Unlike their characters’ serious relationship, it’s reported that the two actors never stop laughing together while filming.

Watch the latest episode below:

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