Sunmi Names Kim Wan Sun As One Of Her Role Models On “Party People”

The September 23 episode of SBS’s “JYP’s Party People” featured guest appearances by diva singers Sunmi, Kim Wan Sun, and Bada.

Sunmi was asked to share what Kim Wan Sun means to her. The singer answered, “If you asked me who my role was, I would say Kim Wan Sun. While I was preparing for ’24 Hours’ and ‘Full Moon’ I watched a lot of her videos.” The singer continued with a laugh, “I thought that her expressionless and charismatic face was really cool and tried to imitate it, but people told me to stop raising my eyes.”

Park Jin Young added his praise of Kim Wan Sun, saying, “First of all, she was really gorgeous. In those days, her body proportions almost didn’t make sense. However, the most important thing was that she could dance really well. It was always so exciting when she danced. As a member of the public and as a male fan, I just remember being so excited.”

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