Watch: Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Gets Surprised By His Cousin’s Appearance On “Fantastic Duo 2”

Highlight member Yang Yoseob has been appearing as a panelist on SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2,” and the September 24 episode was no exception as he sat amongst other celebrities and watched contestants compete for a chance to duet with their favorite artists.

However, he was delightfully surprised when one of the contestants turned out to be his cousin!

Yang Yoseob’s cousin appeared on the show to compete for a chance to be Kangta’s duet partner. While being interviewed, he was given the chance to sing for Kangta face-to-face. As he was getting ready, Yang Yoseob said to his cousin, “Don’t try to do so well. You always do well so just do as you always do.”

Yang Yoseob watched nervously as his cousin sang the H.O.T. classic “Candy,” and finally cracked a smile after the song was over. The Highlight member confessed he thought his microphone was going to break because he was gripping it so tightly, was sweating profusely, and even had to stand up to physically shake off the nerves.

Watch Yang Yoseob cheer his cousin onto the third round!

Also check out the whole episode below:

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