“Hyori’s Homestay” Comes To An End With Highest Real-Time Ratings

On September 24, JTBC aired the final episode of “Hyori’s Homestay” and achieved high ratings until the end.

According to ratings research company ATAM (All That Audience Measurement), “Hyori’s Homestay” recorded peak viewer ratings of 12.34 percent and average viewer ratings of 9.05 percent. The highest ratings of the episode were achieved during the minute of 10:10 p.m. KST.

The final episode of the show also marked the final day of the homestay business for Lee Hyori, Lee Sang Soon, and IU. The trio sat around the dining room table for the last time and talked about their first day together. Suddenly, Lee Hyori put colored pencils and a notebook in front of her husband, and asked him to draw IU. Lee Sang Soon drew IU, Lee Hyori drew Lee Sang Soon, and IU drew Lee Hyori.

After saying goodbye to the final guests, the trio returned to the living room for the final time. Lee Hyori looked over at IU and asked her if there was anything in her house that she wanted, wanting to show IU gratitude for her hard work for the last two weeks. Finally, the time came for the Lee couple to bid farewell to the singer. IU, handed individual letters to Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, then hugged them goodbye.

Watching her walk home for the final time, the couple retreated to the couch in the living room and read their letters from IU. Lee Hyori, who vowed to be cool when saying goodbye, couldn’t help but shed tears as she read IU’s letter. Lee Sang Soon tried to poke fun at his wife to cheer her up, and the couple retreated back to their bed to talk about the bittersweet feelings of the now-closed homestay.

Since airing in June, the show gained massive popularity with viewers, setting the record as JTBC’s most watched variety show ever and the first JTBC show to send the production staff on a reward vacation.

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