Watch: H.O.T. Members Show Support For Kangta On “Fantastic Duo 2”

H.O.T. member Kangta faced off against singer Kim Jo Han on the September 24 broadcast of SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2.” Kangta stood in the middle of the stage to watch contestants sing to H.O.T.’s “Light,” a track he composed and produced that won all three end-of-the-year awards in 1998. However, he was surprised to see some familiar faces on the screen.

First, H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun appeared on the screen and said, “H.O.T.’s lead vocal Kangta! Fighting on ‘Fantastic Duo!'” Then, Tony Ahn appeared to say, “Kangta! I think we shined brighter when we were together. You’re still handsome. Kangta fighting!” Finally, Lee Jae Won said, “Kangta! You’re always our light. I hope you will win on behalf of H.O.T. Fighting!”

Watch Kangta and his fans sing “Light” below!