16 Of Rap Monster’s #RMusic Recommendations For All Moods

BTS’s Rap Monster loves sharing with his fans what he’s currently listening to through his hashtag #RMusic. Over the years, he’s shared tons of new and old artists for his fans to enjoy with him. We decided to compile a list of just a few of his RMusic tracks. So sit back and enjoy this chill compilation of Rap Monster’s music recs!

1. Nam Soo Rim’s “Sarcastic Child”

“The lyrics are good kekeke I like it” [sic]

2. J Rabbit’s “Just the Way I Am”

“Listen [to it] and please sleep well.”

3. OOHYO’s “Teddy Bear Rises”

“Thanks. Music.”

4. Peter Pan Complex’s “Swallowing Emotions”

“This song is perfect to listen to every once in a while when you want to be sad to your heart’s content.” 

5. No Reply’s “Never Ending Song”

“I didn’t realize it back then.”

6. Urban Zakapa’s “Do”

“Woo~Baby, I feel good~Ddu ddu roo roo roo roo~”

7. Thornapple’s “Haze”

“When you want to despair”

8. Sweden Laundry’s “Voice”

“‘Don’t avoid my hand that’s holding you~’ I want to write a song that’s as emotional as this part.”

9. Sam Kim’s “Seattle”

“I really like it.”

10. Lee Ho Seok’s “Hydromechanics”


11. Annyeongbada’s “I Miss You”

“Good night”

12. Lucia’s “Inner”

“Right now”

13. Lianne La Havas’s “Au Cinema”

“Have a happy Chuseok!” 

14. limheonil’s “Bad”

“It’s a really refreshing song.”

15. Suran’s “Wine”

“Our hyung’s sensibility…”

16. Nell’s “12 Seconds”

“It’s been a while… This song goes well with Tokyo.”

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