Hilarious Red Velvet Moments That Will Make You Smile

Red Velvet has it all: incredible vocal abilities, advanced yet clean dance moves, stunning visuals, and a fanbase that loves them unconditionally. They are also absolutely hilarious, which adds to their adorableness and their long list of talents.

Here are some of the most hilarious Red Velvet moments:

Irene trying not to laugh when the music didn’t start before “Red Flavor”

The two very different sides of Joy: adorable and sexy

Another cute joyi ??

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I watched this like a million times omg

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Yeri’s first live performance

She’s grown up so well!

Wendy’s confused face

Wendy's a living meme

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My brain doesn't function when I REALLY need it to

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Joy being Joy:

What non-fans think Seulgi is like vs. what she’s really like

What they expect:

The reality:

"UWAA" omg so cute she sounds like a baby

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Reveluv’s love our Seulgi-Bear~

Irene telling it like it is:

She's aware

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Red Velvet’s appreciation for Wendy’s butt

Yeri and Irene aka partners in crime


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Why are they like this?

Startled Red Velvet

They’re such memes!


Hey Soompiers, what’s your favorite Red Velvet funny moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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