Watch: Lee Min Ki And Jung So Min Start Roommate Romance In “Because This Is My First Life” Trailer

A comical new preview for episode one of tvN’s upcoming drama “Because This is My First Life” has been released!

The preview starts off with Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min meeting up at a bus stop. She holds out her hand while saying she’ll do her best even though she thinks she failed in this lifetime, which he responds with, “I wish you luck. After all, this is a first for everyone anyways.” He gives her smile, and perhaps mesmerized by it, she suddenly kisses him.

After that fateful encounter, they spiral into all kinds of hilarious daily ordeals from Jung So Min becoming homeless to Lee Min Ki refusing to work overnight because he has to feed his cat. Kim Ga Eun, who plays one of Jung So Min’s friends, mentions that someone is looking for a roommate and has particular, fussy conditions, which Jung So Min agrees to abide by. The tenant and landlord actually meet up and become shocked when they realize they’ve met before.

It all goes downhill from there with Jung So Min’s father raging about the fact she’s cohabiting with a man and Lee Min Ki catching Jung So Min snoring in her sleep.

Catch the hilarious preview below!

The first episode will air on October 9 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for it?