Lee Je Hoon Shares How Long It’s Been Since His Last Serious Relationship

Actor Lee Je Hoon was recently interviewed for his newly released movie “I Can Speak.” During the interview, he was asked questions about his love life and personal life as well.

When asked if he was dating, he honestly replied that he had dated constantly in his twenties. However, in the recent years, he hasn’t seen anyone seriously. Lee Je Hoon explained, “For the past six to seven years, I’ve been really busy.” After acting for three years, he enlisted in the army, and when he returned to the acting scene, he continued to film dramas and movies without taking a break. Even though he has dated in his thirties, he shared that he wasn’t able to be in serious relationships due to his extremely busy schedule.

Regarding his nonexistent love life, Lee Je Hoon admitted, “It’s too bad, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” He laughed it off, saying, “I still have more days ahead to live, right?” Previously, when he appeared in the “Guerilla Date” segment on KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Lee Je Hoon admitted to not having had a girlfriend in the past six years. He pleaded viewers, “Is there anyone who can save me? I really want [to date].”

In May, Lee Je Hoon also appeared on JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” and confessed that he was a homebody. He said, “My one and only hobby and happiness is watching movies at the movie theater.”

Meanwhile, Lee Je Hoon’s newest movie has topped South Korea’s box office. “I Can Speak” is whimsical comedy movie that tells the story of an elderly woman (Na Moon Hee) who files complaints to a local office about wrongdoings and befriends a junior civil servant officer (Lee Je Hoon) who teaches her English.

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