EXO’s Chanyeol Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

EXO’s Chanyeol has taken legal action against four malicious commenters. On September 25, it was revealed that after the Chuseok holiday, the four malicious commenters will meet with the Cyber Crime Investigation Unit at Seocho Police Station and be investigated.

Chanyeol is said to have stated to the police, “There will be no leniency,” revealing his determination against settling. The Seocho Police Station was cautious to comment on possible punishments, as they are in the middle of investigations, but did say that it will be difficult for the commenters to avoid punishment due to the victim’s firm stance on legal action.

On September 20, a fansite for Chanyeol submitted an indictment regarding the four malicious commenters. The commenters are said to have crossed the line as there were malicious rumors, sexual harassment, and even malicious comments regarding his family. Chanyeol’s fans then decided to take action and since 2015, have been collecting evidence and fundraising legal fees for two years.

Fans have been voicing their sympathy and support for Chanyeol through social media, saying, “I feel sad thinking of Chanyeol who saw the malicious comments himself,” “I’m thankful to Chanyeol for deciding against settling as he thought of fans who also read and cried over the comments while they helped collect evidence,” and “Good luck to the Seocho Police Station! Be strong, Chanyeol’s side.”

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