Yang Hyun Suk Teases iKON’s Upcoming Variety Show

Yang Hyun Suk has given a sneak peek at iKON’s new variety show!

On September 26, the founder of YG Entertainment posted a screenshot of a text that he got from iKON member DK (Kim Donghyuk). DK sent Yang Hyun Suk a photo of the members dressed in school uniforms, along with the message, “We’ve arrived at Jeju Island! We’ll do our best. Thank you! Yang High School hwaiting!”

Yang Hyun Suk wrote as the caption, “#iKON #Yang High School #Field trip to Jeju Island #First episode in early November #YG.”

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that the upcoming variety show “Idol Field Trip” (working title) will be airing under JTBC, starring iKON, Jung Hyung Don, Jo Se Ho, and Sayuri.

Are you looking forward to this show?

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