Everything You Need To Know About The Cast Of “Girls’ Generation 1979”

High school is a time when you feel like the world is caving in on you if something bad happens, even though it’s probably not as bad as it seems. “Girls’ Generation 1979” deals with the highs and lows of teenage students: the pain of a one-sided love, the stress and annoyance caused by bullies, and the jealousy of frenemies. It pretty much sums up a lot of people’s experiences, which makes it a relatable watch, led by fresh faces with impressive acting skills.

Here are some interesting facts you need to know about the cast:

Bona as Lee Jung Hee

Lee Jung Hee (Bona) is a simple girl who’s a late bloomer until she meets the guy of her teenage dreams.

In real life, Bona is actually a member of the girl group Cosmic Girls as a sub-vocal, visual, and lead dancer. She was a trainee in Cube Entertainment for six years and another year at Starship before she debuted with her current group. She also happens to be originally from Daegu! Which is why her Daegu accent is so natural. Not only that, despite her rookie status as an actress, she shows quite a range in her acting. You can almost feel her pain when she’s crying, and she can switch gears, playing pure and innocent just as well. This is her second drama after “The Best Hit.”

Chae Seo Jin as Jung Hye Joo

Hye Joo is considered the small town’s goddess. Having come from Seoul, she transferred to Daegu with her father and immediately got the attention of all the boys in school. She’s not your typical popular school girl because she’s smart, kindhearted, and acts quite mature for her age.

Chae Seo Jin plays this role well; she’s no stranger to the big screen. She acted in three major movies and with big stars so far: “Overman” with Kim Jung Hyun; “My Brilliant Life” with Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won; and “Will You Be There?” with Kim Yun Seok.

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Chae Seo Jin is actually actress Kim Ok Bin‘s youngest sister. It’s no wonder good looks and acting talent run in her genes!

Seo Young Joo as Bae Doo Man

Bae Doo Man is the typical class nerd. He’s the top of his class, but not necessarily the top when it comes to love. He’s clumsy, clueless, but he does his best in everything; especially for the person that he’s crushing on.

A lot of viewers are saying that Seo Young Joo is stealing the show because of his lovable character, and even if he is a nerd, his good looks still shine. He is a budding actor with an impressive portfolio of movies. At the young age of 19, he’s already bagged awards like Best Actor at the Tokyo International Film Festival and at the Cinemanila International Film Festival for his performance in the movie “Juvenile Offender.” He’s also appeared in several TV dramas as the younger counterpart of the male leads.

Seo Young Joo first acted when he was just 10 years old. But even though he was still young, his performances always belie his age, and several big name directors cast him on their blockbuster films.

He worked with controversial director Kim Ki Duk in “Moebius,” which received a restricted rating because of its violent scenes and sexual content. He was also a featured cast in another controversial film, “A Frozen Flower,” with prestigious stars like Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung, and Song Ji Hyo.

Yeo Hoe Hyun as Son Jin

Son Jin is the ultimate popular jock of his time because every girl in town is head over heels for him. He is charismatic, good-looking, and shows great leadership skills when needed.

His character is played by Yeo Hoe Hyun, who is also another young actor to look out for. He is quite familiar with period dramas, as he played a bit role in “Reply 1988,” where he played Hyeri‘s blind date. He also did a cameo in “Solomon’s Perjury,” which is actually the same drama that Seo Young Joo, his rival in this drama, also starred in.

Lee Jong Hyun as Joo Young Choon

Wherever there’s work, you’ll most likely find Young Choon sweating his brows out. He’s the go-to handyman of Daegu because he works all kinds of odd jobs: from an assistant pharmacist, carpenter, mover, to technician. His little sister is the reason why he’s working so hard, but even though he looks like a reliable, all-around guy, he is keeping a dark past that no one really knows about.

Lee Jong Hyun is more well-known as a guitarist and vocalist of the popular band CNBLUE. He’s transitioned to acting effortlessly, with a stint in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” as the son of Jang Dong Gun being his breakout role. He is originally from Busan like his band mate Jung Yong Hwa, so he had to learn the Daegu accent. And just the same, both started out as well-known “ulzzangs” in Busan before they got discovered by talent scouts.

Min Do Hee as Shim Ae Sook

Min Do Hee was part of the main cast of “Reply 1994,” so she probably felt a bit familiar with the setting. She was a former member of the group Tiny G. Since the group disbanded due to inactivity, Dohee has been focusing on her acting projects. In “Girls’ Generation 1979,” she plays a bully who has family problems.

In an intervew, Do Hee revealed that she is close with none other than Park Bo Gum, and that he is only one of her A-list celebrity friends.

Catch all of these talented actors in the first episode of “Girl’s Generation 1979” below:

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