Kim Kwang Seok’s Wife Talks About Why She Kept Her Daughter’s Death Secret For 10 Years

In a recent interview, Kim Kwang Seok’s wife Seo Hae Soon spoke about why she had kept her daughter’s death quiet for ten years.

Seo Hae Soon appeared as a guest on JTBC’s “Newsroom” on September 25 to talk about the recent revelations about her daughter’s death.

Seo Hae Soon and Kim Kwang Seok’s daughter Kim Seo Yeon died on December 23, 2007, but Seo Hae Soon had never revealed this to the public or to her family. After reports came out about her death recently, Seo Hae Soon has defended herself against the controversy and pleaded innocence in her death.

During the interview on “Newsroom,” Seo Hae Soon said she was sleeping when Kim Seo Yeon suddenly asked for water before passing out. She was surprised and taken aback by her daughter’s sudden death.

“My father had passed away that April and I wasn’t on good terms with my family. I was going through a difficult time because the trial was still unfinished, actually,” Seo Hae Soon explained. “It was financially hard, too. So I was very scared of letting people know about my daughter’s death and wanted to do that when I had the chance.” She added that Kim Seo Yeon died two days before the Christmas vacation, which led to her decision to let her daughter go in silence.

Seo Hae Soon revealed that she officially reported her daughter’s death six months after it actually happened. When anchor Sohn Suk Hee asked why, she replied that was because she was staying in Hawaii. She reported Kim Seo Yeon’s death six months later during her visit to Korea. Seo Hae Soon did not know she had to do it so quickly and as a result, she had to pay a fine before reporting the death.

Sohn Suk Hee pointed out it was hard to accept the idea that she reported her daughter’s death late to the point of paying a fine simply because she had been busy. To this, Seo Hae Soon replied that she had been busy and hadn’t wanted to report Kim Seo Yeon’s death.

“It’s 10 years ago and it’s hard especially because it’s about a disabled child dying,” she said.

Sohn Suk Hee then mentioned the possibility of Seo Hae Soon not reporting her daughter’s death because it could have worked against her during the ongoing appeal at the time regarding Kim Kwang Seok’s royalties. Seo Hae Soon and her daughter Kim Seo Yeon were both registered as the defendants for the said appeal.

Seo Hae Soon, however, denied the idea. “Even if I did report Seo Yeon’s death, I still would’ve inherited it,” she explained. She also added that she didn’t realize the court had to be notified of Kim Seo Yeon’s death.

As the public’s demand for truth becomes stronger, the prosecution has started a re-investigation of the case of their daughter’s death.

Questions surrounding the death of Kim Kwang Seok recently also surfaced through director Lee Sang Ho’s documentary movie “Kim Kwang Seok” (also known by its English title “Suicide Made”), and Seo Hae Soon spoke about this controversy as well during the interview.

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