MONSTA X’s Jooheon Surprises With Musical Gift For Fans’ 2nd “Birthday”

On September 26, MONSTA X member Jooheon surprised fans by posting a video and a message on Twitter in honor of their 2nd anniversary of having an official fan club name.

In the video, Jooheon says he made a happy birthday song for MONBEBEs and hopes that they will like it. He also added, “I worked hard to make it so please love the song a lot. I love MONBEBEs a lot and happy birthday everyone!” After that, the footage shows Jooheon sitting in front of the computer working on producing the song, typing up the lyrics on the computer screen, and recording the song and rap.

Along with the video, the Twitter caption reads, “I made a happy birthday song for our MONBEBEs!! Listen to it a lot and sing along too!! I’m happy I made MONBEBEs a happy birthday song hehe.” He finalized the tweet with a SoundCloud link where fans can listen to the full track.

In a follow-up tweet, Jooheon then wrote, “I didn’t know it would take this long for the video clip to upload. I hope you’ll like the birthday present.”

This was only one of many presents MONSTA X prepared for fans. Other gifts included a live chat, live broadcasts, photos, handwritten messages, and even unique drawings of their logo.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X recently won the Bonsang (main) award at the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards and dropped teaser videos for “Bam! Bam! Bam!”

Happy birthday MONBEBEs!

Thanks to desikyu for the tip!