Kim Yoo Jung On What It Would Have Been Like If She Weren’t An Actress

Kim Yoo Jung reflected on her long career as an actress.

In a pictorial and interview with @star1, the young actress was asked, “You have 15 years of experience already. What would you have done if you weren’t an actress?” Kim Yoo Jung said, “Before, I used to think about different things and imagined myself having different jobs. But now, I can’t really imagine myself being anything other than an actress. I think it would be so foreign for me to live a life that isn’t that of an actress.”

She was also asked, “Does you ever get tired of the title ‘child actress’?” She answered, “I’m more grateful than tired. I’d like to become an approachable actress, like a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, or a daughter.”

You can find her full interview and pictorial on the October issue of @star1.

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