Watch: B1A4 Tries To Prove They Can Dance 10x Fast On “Weekly Idol”

As if the 2x speed challenge wasn’t enough, B1A4 is upping the ante!

On the September 27 episode of “Weekly Idol,” B1A4 appeared as guests to promote their latest comeback, “Rollin’.”

During the show, they attempted to dance their hit song “What’s Happening?”, increasing the speed in increments from 2x.

As the original song has a fast BPM, the boys were taken aback by how fast the 2x seemed to be, with Gongchan commenting that something must have gone wrong the last time they’d “succeeded” at the 10x speed dance. However, B1A4 managed to synchronize their complicated choreography in time.

However, when the speed was increased to 3x, it became hard to make out the lyrics, and when the speed increased to 4x, B1A4 was forced to throw in the towel. When they asked to hear the 10x speed anyway, the song finished in a matter of seconds.

Like veteran idols, B1A4 then claimed that if they played the song 10x fast, they would dance it and the production staff could play their dance on slow motion to see if they had really succeeded.

Find out if they did below: