BTS’s Jungkook Shares One Of His Worries On “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”

BTS’s Jin and Jungkook were guests on September 27’s episode of JTBC’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together.” During the episode, the BTS members joined hosts Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu on a quest in Gangnam to search for someone who would give them dinner.

Kang Ho Dong and Jungkook were sitting outside a convenience store when Kang Ho Dong asked Jungkook out of the blue, “Do you have any worries?”

Jungkook seemed surprised as he repeated, “Worries?” Kang Ho Dong reminded him that he had once been the “knee drop guru” to whom celebrities presented their problems to and got solutions from. Jungkook thought for a moment, and then confessed one of his worries.

Jungkook explained, “During my adolescence, I came to Seoul and stayed by myself. So when I first meet someone or deal with people, I don’t feel like I’m being sincere, and it’s like there’s a wall [between us].”

Jungkook commented that in order to get naturally close to each other, people usually think the same way and are sincere with each other. For him though, he said he constantly thinks about, “How can I get close to this person? What can I do for this person to like me?” Then he added, “I feel like I’m wearing a mask.”

In response to Jungkook’s worry, Kang Ho Dong replied, “It’s because you entered social life early.” Then he started to make comparisons with his previous wrestling career, and said he would have to change his strategy depending on his opponent. Similar to that, Kang Ho Dong advised Jungkook, “You need to change the way you approach people according to their personalities.”

Kang Ho Dong’s final advice to Jungkook was to always think positively. Jungkook seemed to be satisfied with Kang Ho Dong’s guidance. To celebrate, the two of them stood up and started to dance around in a silly manner.

Watch more of Jungkook and Jin in September 27’s episode of “Ask Us Anything”!

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