SEVENTEEN’s Unit Leaders Reply To Fans’ Requests For Digital Release Of “Change Up”

SEVENTEEN’s unit leaders S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi sat down to chat with fans via V Live about their new track!

The trio recently released an MV for their new song “Change Up” on September 25, and held a V Live broadcast on September 27 where they talked to fans about it.

“There are a lot of fans who have asked for the song to be released,” said Hoshi, and asked Woozi to explain why it’s not out as a single yet.

“There’s a deep meaning to everything we do,” said Woozi, and the guys added that fans will understand later if they wait a bit.

“I heard that Carats really liked the song,” commented S.Coups, and Woozi said he’s happy that fans like it and that it was something he’s really wanted to do.

The guys also revealed that the song had been created in just a day after they’d been working on another track before suddenly getting inspired.

While talking about their MV, a fan asked them to show off the choreography to “Change Up.” Woozi explained, “There’s actually no choreography for it,” and the guys recreated how they just freestyle danced with each other during the shoot.

The trio also commented on how the unit MVs they’re releasing soon are considered to be placed before their mini album “Al1” and described them as being chapter “0.5.” S.Coups suggested that fans pay particular attention to the lyrics of their releases to see how everything’s connected.

The guys also hilariously kept checking with staff behind the camera to see what they were allowed to say about their upcoming releases, and then S.Coups and Hoshi joked that they no longer listen to them anymore anyway.

S.Coups also talked about how the hip-hop unit’s track is coming out next week, and said they saw a bit of the music video. “I think it’s something worth looking forward to!” he added.

The hip-hop unit’s song for “SEVENTEEN Project Chapter 0.5: Before Al1” is due out on October 2, with the performance unit and vocal unit’s tracks to be released over the following two weeks.

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