Rain Opens Up About Lack Of New Hollywood Appearances And His Favorite Drama

Rain talked about the Hollywood movies and Korean dramas he has starred in throughout his career in a recent interview.

The singer has appeared in three Hollywood films before: “Ninja Assassin,” “Speed Racer,” and “The Prince.” He commented, “I did receive numerous offers from Hollywood. However, I also had to enlist in the army at the time. When I came back, I couldn’t ignore my absence [from the Korean industry].”

Rain reflected on how he became very active in Asia after discharging from the army. He said, “Personally, I feel very unsatisfied [with my Hollywood career]. I think it would’ve been nice if I had done a few more [Hollywood] films. However, I had to go on a concert tour as well. I was so busy that a year’s worth of time didn’t seem to be enough.”

When asked which drama or movie of his he liked best, Rain said it was “Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School.” He explained, “It was my first leading role,” and said he remembers filming it with an innocent mindset, without knowing anything about acting. The singer commented, “I was Sangdoo, and Sangdoo was me. Until this day, ‘Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School’ is not only my debut drama, but my best work.” Rain also shared that while he had he starred in other dramas before “Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School,” he was edited out of them, so most people wouldn’t know he played minor roles.

Meanwhile, Rain is set to serve as a mentor on KBS’s “The Unit” and release a new album in December.

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