B1A4 Talks About Whether They’re Savers Or Spenders On “Weekly Idol”

B1A4 appeared on the September 27 episode of “Weekly Idol” to promote their comeback with “Rollin’.”

During the show, B1A4 talked about being interested in money matters such as real estate, investment, and retirement plans. Sandeul, who has the most interest in real estate, picked the Sungsan neighborhood in the Mapo district as a good place to buy a house and displayed his expert knowledge. CNU also shared that he’d bought a house on Sandeul’s advice.

Baro said, “I’m the oldest in my family so I’m still saving” and took the MCs by surprise with his seriousness.

On the other hand, the members said about Jinyoung, “He spends what he earns.” Jinyoung added, “I have interest in real estate, but I think I have to wait a little before I invest.” When prompted by the MCs he said, “I think Sandeul and CNU went too fast [in buying houses].”

The MCs mentioned that Jinyoung was ranked first among idols for copyright (Jinyoung writes songs not only for B1A4 but other groups as well) but Jinyoung said, “No, that’s not exactly right, they probably only meant exclusive copyright [i.e. not co-composed by another producer].”

However, the MCs continued to tease him about his supposed wealth, saying, “That’s why he can afford to spend what he earns” and “When looking at a map of Seoul, he probably divides it into places he wants to buy and places he doesn’t.”

B1A4 dropped their seventh mini album “Rollin'” on September 25.

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