Watch: IU Releases Behind-The-Scenes Videos From Remake Album Preparations

On September 27, IU dropped a behind-the-scenes look at her album jacket photo shoot, “Autumn Morning” recording, and teaser filming.

In the behind-the-scenes for the jacket shoot and the teaser film, IU acted cute as she played with the ordinary, yet beautiful settings in which the shoots was set. One particularly adorable interaction was with a black cat stretched out on the cobblestones beside her.

The behind-the-scenes for the “Autumn Morning” recording included an from the song’s guitarist, Jung Sung Ha. In a mini-interview, IU was asked why she chose to remake this song for her “Flower Bookmark #2” album.

“The song’s really good, isn’t it?” she said. “Does there need to be another reason? Isn’t it so good? I’ve been wanting to do this song for a long time, but when it came to do it, I didn’t know who to do it with. Then I thought of Jung Sung Ha before anyone else.”

Jung Sung Ha said, “It’s a song that we recorded with happy hearts. There can be a little bit of fear when remaking a song, especially if you like the original song. I wanted to keep the feeling of the original while adding something only I could do.”

*A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to the remake album as a repackaged album.