Listen: MONSTA X Drops Album Preview For “The Code”

Updated November 5 KST: 

MONSTA X has revealed snippets from their upcoming 5th mini album, “The Code!”

The album features seven tracks, including title track “Dramarama.” The tracks range from MONSTA X’s signature hip-hop-flavored, strong-beat sound to a slower, more autumnal ballad to a brighter, catchy-hook chorus.

Check out the preview below!

Updated November 2 KST:

MONSTA X has now shared a track list for their new mini album “The Code: Protocol Terminal”!

There will be seven songs in all, with members Jooheon and I.M taking part in writing lyrics for many of the songs, including their title track “Dramarama.”

Jooheon also co-composed and co-wrote the lyrics for “In Time,” while Wonho co-composed “From Zero” and worked on the lyrics with Jooheon, I.M, and Brother Su.

Updated November 1 KST:

MONSTA X has gifted fans with two more “Protocol Terminal Scene” teaser photos, as well as a video with a clip of a new track!

Updated November 1 KST:

MONSTA X has shared another set of “Protocol Terminal Scene” teasers!

Updated October 31 KST:

MONSTA X has released a second set of photos in their “Protocol Terminal Scene” teaser series!

Updated October 30 KST:

MONSTA X has begun sharing a new series of teaser photos, with this set entitled “Protocol Terminal Scene #1”!

Updated October 29 KST:

The last of the individual teaser images for “Dramarama” have been released with Hyungwon!

MONSTA X will drop their fifth mini album “The Code” on November 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated October 28 KST: 

MONSTA X’s maknae I.M is the next to feature in individual teaser images for “Dramarama.”

Updated October 27 KST:

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk features in a new teaser image for their return with “Dramarama.”

Updated October 26 KST:

Wonho is the latest member to feature in a teaser for MONSTA X’s return with “Dramarama”!

Updated October 25 KST: 

A new teaser image has been released for MONSTA X’s comeback, “Dramarama,” this time with leader Shownu!

MONSTA X is slated to return with their fifth mini album “The Code” on November 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated October 24 KST:

A new teaser image has been released for MONSTA X’s comeback, this time with Jooheon!

Updated October 23 KST:

MONSTA X has unveiled the first individual teaser image for their return, which features Kihyun! The photo includes the text “Dramarama,” which also appears as a hashtag in the tweet that shared his teaser.

Updated October 19 KST:

MONSTA X has released a second “Piece of Protocol Terminal” teaser for their new album!

Updated October 17 KST:

MONSTA X has shared a teaser entitled “Piece of Protocol Terminal #1” for their upcoming album! The next teaser will be released on October 19.

Updated October 15 KST: 

You can now count down the days (and teasers) until MONSTA X’s comeback!

On October 15 at 10 a.m. KST, MONSTA X’s official Twitter dropped the schedule for their comeback, which is now titled “Protocol Terminal.” Earlier this year, MONSTA X wrapped up their “The Clan” series and it looks like the new comeback will mark the beginning of a new era for the group.

The group will officially make their comeback on November 7 with a “Comeback Show – Concert.”


Since announcing that they will be making a comeback in November, MONSTA X has dropped their first teaser image!

Shared by MONSTA X’s official Twitter account on September 28, the poster simply says “New album. MONSTA X. Coming soon.” As a specific date has not been set for the group’s return, the accompanying tweet says, “2017.11.XX”

MONSTA X has been having a busy year both in Korea and abroad, and they hope to continue their activities with the upcoming comeback. The group recently won a Bonsang award at the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards, and celebrated their fan club MONBEBE’s second anniversary. For the special date, member Jooheon gifted fans with a special happy birthday song.

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