Watch: JBJ Leaves A Surprise For Fans In Subway Station

JBJ members visited their subway station advertisements in a clip released along with their reality show “Just Be Joyful JBJ.”

Previously, many of the members had individually visited the subway station and uploaded photos of them in front of the ads, which had been put up by fans. However, JBJ went as a group to visit the subway station on the night of August 23, the last day of the advertisement.

To thank their fans, JBJ members wrote messages to their fans on post-its and left them on the advertisement screen. For example, one of Kim Dong Han’s messages read, “I love you, now there’s no need to worry about screen time.”

Kim Yong Guk wrote, “To all the fans who support JBJ! We’re finally debuting! This is all thanks to you! I’m always grateful and I love you.”

As they put up the notes, Takada Kenta said, “It feels like we’re holding a surprise birthday party!”

JBJ’s reality show “Just Be Joyful JBJ” aired its first episode on September 28 on Mnet. Watch the members visit their subway ad below!

Meanwhile, the group recently released fun teasers for their debut mini album “Fantasy.”