B1A4’s Agency Gives Update On Jinyoung’s Condition And Schedule Plans

On September 29, B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment gave a brief update on member Jinyoung’s health.

The idol had been sent to the hospital on September 28 for a high fever, and was subsequently pulled out of all B1A4 schedules yesterday. During a V Live broadcast later in the evening, the other B1A4 members had reassured fans that Jinyoung was resting and improving quickly.

A source from their agency stated to news outlet OSEN, “Jinyoung is currently recovering. He plans to proceed normally with today’s schedule, and will appear on ‘Music Bank.’ He is stable after resting at the hospital on September 28. He apologizes for worrying fans, and we will do our best for our artist’s recovery.” They clarified that Jinyoung will only go to scheduled events that will not overwhelm him until he makes a complete recovery.

B1A4 recently made a comeback with their mini album and title track of the same name, “Rollin’.”

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