Song Ji Hyo’s Agency Warns About Social Media Imposters

On September 28, Song Ji Hyo’s agency MY COMPANY warned fans and spoke out against fake social media accounts posing as the actress.

The agency stated, “We are speaking in regards to fake Instagram accounts of our actor. The only official Song Ji Hyo account is @my_songjihyo. Recently, we discovered several imposter accounts overstepped moral boundaries through insider monitoring. We are making this announcement in order to warn fans and prevent any damage, as well as explain how to differentiate [what is real and what is not].

According to reports, there have been social media accounts posing as the actress while advertising for a cosmetic brand that Song Ji Hyo is not a model for, and posting links to an insurance site. The confusion was exacerbated by the fact that Song Ji Hyo’s account does not yet have a verified badge. Her agency has stated that they are still waiting for feedback from Instagram regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo is set to appear in a tvN drama special, “Chief B and the Love Letter” (literal translation).

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