Bolbbalgan4 Gushes Over Yang Se Jong In “Degree Of Love”

Bolbbalgan4 can’t get over the romance in “Degree of Love” as well!

During a live broadcast on September 28, the duo introduced and performed their latest, chart-topping album, which features title track “Some.”

Ahn Ji Young asked her fellow member Woo Ji Yoon to talk about her ideal type during the broadcast. Woo Ji Yoon revealed, “I have two types I like. On one hand, I don’t care at all about looks and like someone who’s fun. On the complete opposite hand, I also solely pay attention to looks at times.”

She confessed, “These days, I like Yang Se Jong so much after watching him [on ‘Degree of Love.’] The two singers further proved they were avid viewers by then acting out his famous line, “Avoid me if you hate it.”

Fall in love with Yang Se Jong’s character in “Degree in Love” just like Bolbbalgan4!

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