9 Times K-Pop Fans Took Extra To Another Level

Jungkook is totally judging ya’ll. 

The fandom. Whether it be loyalty to one or many, every K-pop stan is a part of one. Some people are dragged into the fandom kicking and screaming. For others, they hopped into the mess willingly and with gleeful joy. Whether you fall into any of the two categories (or none), we can all agree that fandoms can get… a bit extra at times. Sometimes they can be just as extra (or even more) than the idols they stan!

Check out our list of nine times when fans were just too extra for this world.

1. BTS member Suga’s “I Will Sue You” fan

This moment in BTS fandom history has been memed hundreds of times. It’s so iconic, it’s even a meme among the BTS members.

(around the 6:13 mark)

And it was most recently featured in their song “Mic Drop.”

2. BTS member Jimin’s trip to the stars

This fan is on a different level yo

3. “Guerilla Date” with CNBLUE

The fan boy at around the 3:40 mark is my spirit animal.

4. Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung’s pterodactyl fangirl

This girl has lungs like Whitney Houston. I just love how you can hear her in almost every Girls’ Generation era.

5. Jay Park’s Pikachu fan

He is so done. (Also the editing for this video just kills me.)

6. The fanboy to end all fanboys (and fangirls)

If this fanboy and Sooyoung’s fangirl met up and had a vocal contest, I’m not sure who would win!

7. When they literally took over Twitter

… Multiple times

When ARMYs trended Rap Monster’s “I’m sorry baby” worldwide.

8. Sometimes you kind of want to stan the fandom itself because they’re just as talented… in their own way:

Yep, totally ended Girls’ Generation.

9. No one is safe: one dance mistake, one derpy face – and it’s instantly a meme.

And the fandom will never, ever let you forget it.

Hey Soompiers! How extra do you think you’ll be if you got to meet your favorite idol? Tell us in the comments below!

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