VICTON Shares Photos With Role Models BTS From Long-Awaited First Meeting

VICTON finally got to meet one of their role model groups, BTS!

Members of the Plan A Entertainment rookie boy group VICTON have often named BTS as their role models, with Sejun particularly known for his fanboy admiration for BTS’s Jimin. Although VICTON debuted last November, they hadn’t had the opportunity to meet their idols BTS until “M!Countdown” on Thursday!

With BTS promoting their track “DNA” and VICTON performing their song “Unbelievable” on music shows, the two groups met backstage while at “M!Countdown” on September 28, and VICTON’s official Twitter shared a couple shots from the meeting.

The caption reads, “Senior artists BTS! The scene of the ‘Unbelievable’ meeting with senior artists BTS, which was like a present to the VICTON members who were sad because it was their final music show performance for these promotions.”

They added in the hashtags, “VICTON’s hearts are on ‘Fire’ after they met BTS,” referencing BTS’s hit track “Fire” that VICTON has covered in the past. Notably, Jimin has his hand on Sejun’s shoulder—fanboy dreams coming true!