Watch: NU’EST’s JR Encourages A Lucky Fan By Sharing His Feelings From “Produce 101 Season 2”

NU’EST’s leader JR was the latest celebrity to surprise his fan after a long day on Dingo Studios’ “Well Done Again Today” series.

JR’s fan Subin is currently preparing to become a flight attendant. She spent her day at an academy practicing skills such as bowing, smiling, and enunciating. When she arrived at her bus stop, her favorite celebrity JR waved to her and said, “Hi Subin!” which completely caught her by surprise.

After they sat down on the bench, JR pulled out his gift of new sneakers for her to change into, and took off his jacket so she could cover her legs since she was wearing a skirt. He tied her shoelaces for her and the two walked to a nearby cat cafe to grab a drink.

At the cat cafe, JR asked the fan about her life. She explained how she has to stand in heels for seven hours and that she was preparing to apply for early admission to 13 flight attendant schools. While explaining how family affects her dream, the fan started to cry and JR gave her words of encouragement.

Using his personal experience, JR said, “When I was participating in [‘Produce 101 Season 2’], at first I thought if I was eliminated, I would have no more chances. I thought I was the only one, but there were many others at the edge of the [same] cliff. I felt like if I was struggling, and someone else fell in my stead, then I wouldn’t be able to be confident in myself.” He continued, “That’s when I changed my mindset. I set a goal to try my best at every performance or evaluation in the position that I was in, and to put on a performance that I won’t regret.”

He advised the fan to not be scared of failing, to try her best, and to continue doing what she is doing now. Despite his worries that he may not have been helpful to her, she expressed how happy she was to get support from her favorite celebrity. He walked her home, talking about how cool it would be if the two met on the same flight someday, and said goodbye with a selfie and a hug.

Watch JR give his fan the best surprise after a long day!