Natty Opens Up About Her Inferiority Complex With Physical Appearance

During the September 29 episode of Mnet’s reality show “Idol School,” the students seemed to be stressed out about their final evaluations, so they were taken to professionals to receive some psychological counseling.

Natty surprised viewers by admitting that she has an inferiority complex about her appearance. She told the counselor, “I don’t want to see my face. Because of malicious comments calling me ugly, I don’t feel confident about the way I look. My confidence with singing and dancing are gone, too.”

Previously on the show, Natty shared that she has low self-confidence due to her experience on the girl group survival show “Sixteen.”

To her confession, the counselor replied, “Your appearance gives off a mysterious vibe. You need to love yourself in order for the public to love you.”

Meanwhile, “Idol School” announced the top nine girls who will be debuting in a new girl group.

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