DAY6 Treats Fans With Diverse Stages + Heart-To-Heart Talks In “Every DAY6 Concert in October”

DAY6 has made their return with a new track for October!

On September 29, Soompi had the opportunity to attend their concert “Every DAY6 Concert in October” at the Yonsei Centennial Concert Hall, where the band performed an astounding number of 22 songs, many from their “Every DAY6” project as well as songs from their previous albums. The night was full of dancing, meaningful messages, and an overall theme of appreciation for their fans. 

DAY6 started off the concert immediately with high-energy tracks “I Wait” and “How Can I Say” as the fans were completely in sync with their fan chants. Afterwards, the members introduced themselves and talked about how excited they were for the concert. “We can really see everything well here. This month is a festival,” said Wonpil. Young K added, “It’s not just DAY6’s concert, but also MYDAY’s concert as well.”

Young K also shared his thoughts on releasing a new song every month for their “Every DAY6” project, saying, “Each month goes by so quickly. Honestly, when we look back at this project, we might think about how hard it was, but we will also see it as something good. And it’s all thanks to MYDAYs. That’s why I think this year is going to be a meaningful year.”

The band also treated fans with special corners such as an acoustic corner, where they performed special versions of “You Were Pretty” and Congratulations”; as well as a special cover stage, where they covered Jung Jun Il’s “Hug Me” plus a medley of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

The members shared how special the songs were to them, as they had been listening to these songs since they were young, but had the opportunity to perform them on stage for the first time thanks to the fans.

After performing multiple high-energy tracks such as “Blood,” “Dance Dance,” “Sing Me,” and others, they revealed their new October tracks “I Need Somebody” and “When You Love Someone,” complete with artistic lyrics on the screen so that fans could fully take in their new music.

At the end of the concert, the members sat down and shared a heart-to-heart moment with the fans, thanking them for their support and sharing just how much MYDAYs have impacted who they are as artists and people. “We want to become artists that you can proudly say you’re a fan of, because we are really proud to have fans like you,” they shared.

Meanwhile, DAY6’s newest release for “Every DAY6 October” features their title track “When You Love Someone.”

Check out the MV below!