Yang Hyun Suk Gives Another Sneak Peek At iKON’s Travel Variety Show

Yang Hyun Suk has teased iKON’s variety show once more!

On September 30, the founder of YG Entertainment posted a photo of iKON at Jeju Island and wrote in hashtags that the picture was taken on the last day of their Jeju Island field trip. He thanked the other cast members of the show, including Jung Hyung Don, Jo Se Ho, and Kim Shin Young, and commented that Jung Hyung Don wasn’t in the photo because he was in the bathroom.

Yang Hyun Suk also mentioned that iKON will be making an amazing comeback soon.

JTBC’s “Idol Field Trip” (working title) will be airing its first episode in early November. The show has been produced by YG Entertainment.

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