Mentors Of “The Unit” Show Their Full Support For Contestants

The mentors of “The Unit” showed their enthusiasm as the program began recording.

KBS’s survival show “The Unit” began their first auditions on September 29. The auditions will continue for three days, ending on October 1. The mentors of the program, Rain, Hwang Chi Yeol, HyunA, San E, Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah, and SHINee’s Taemin, were enthusiastic from the very first recording.

“The Unit” is a program that aims to unveil already debuted idols’ potentials and make one male and one female group in the end. The contestants will perform during the three-day auditions with the audience picking 126 who will officially get the opportunity to become the candidates for “The Unit.”

Rain, Hwang Chi Yeol, HyunA, Taemin, San E, and Jo Hyun Ah gathered in the waiting room before the recording started and had a deep discussion. As they understand the contestants’ pains more than anyone else, they were determined to play their roles to the fullest and participate in the program with sincerity.

The mentors, who have reached the top in their own fields of vocal, dance, and rap, will be helping the contestants shine, giving them mental support, and teaching them in terms of skills.

The mentors put much effort to make the contestants comfortable during the first auditions. They gave encouraging words to let the idols show off their full potential, and they gave them detailed advice after closely analyzing their stages.

Desperate for their dreams, the contestants are said to have grabbed the attention of the audience with their performances, showing that they had tried their best for this one opportunity.

“The Unit” will narrow down the contestants to 126 during the three-day auditions. A male and female group, both nine members each, will end up debuting after the final round. The program is set to air its first episode on October 28.

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