JBJ Announces Official Colors Ahead Of October Debut

With their official debut date fast approaching, JBJ has announced their official colors!

On September 30, JBJ’s official Twitter account shared the two colors and explained why they were chosen. The two colors are “Pantone 2725 C” and “Yellow 0131 C” and at first glance, some may be confused why those two colors were chosen. However, when looking at the hex color codes, it can be seen that the two colors can also be written as “#787FFF” and “#FFF787.”

The announcement for the official colors explains that 787 is a number synonymous with JBJ, and the group took that into consideration when picking their colors. They also state that the colors will reflect the amazing changes JBJ will go through as they embark on an unimaginable journey to turn their dreams into realities.

JBJ will be making their official debut on October 18.

Are you loving JBJ’s official colors?