Psy Revealed To Have Personally Offered To Be Guest Singer At Zion.T’s Upcoming Concert

It has been revealed that Psy personally offered to be a guest singer at Zion.T’s upcoming “2017 Zion.T Concert [Cinema]” concert on October 14.

YG Entertainment shared the story on September 30 and explained that the two singers’ friendship goes back to when Zion.T featured on Psy’s “I Remember You,” a track from his 7th studio album that was released in 2015. The duo also toured Korea together this year for Psy’s first summer concert in five years, with Zion.T appearing as a guest singer and adding the perfect finishing touches to Psy’s set list.

Therefore, when Psy heard that Zion.T was planning to hold a solo concert, he decided to return the favor and personally offered to appear as a guest in the event. Psy will also be joined by other singers that Zion.T has befriended over his music career, and the concert is expected to be a night filled with great music and amazing performances.

“2017 Zion.T Concert [Cinema]” will be a joint-project by YG Entertainment and The Black Label, the subsidiary label under YG that Zion.T is signed on with. The concert will also featured an 11-person orchestra and 8-person band.

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